Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Scumguts - Scumguts - Australia's Finest

Aussie grind/death.powerviolence lot Scumguts put out their self titled album back in January, and it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve heard this year. Though only totalling around fifteen minutes, it’s a fantastic way to spend a quarter of an hour. Relentlessly savage from start to finish, Scumguts hurtle through at a million miles an hour with some of the most intensely aggressive music I’ve heard in ages, plus some of the guitar work is has a fantastic groove to it, which is perhaps sometimes a bit of a rarity in a lot of bands who put out PV stuff. The guitar riff in Blind (track 8) is simple but so infectious, giving Scumguts a different feel within the realm of PV/Grind whilst still being very much in that bracket.

Australia seems to be doing something right, every time I trawl through Bandcamp there seems to be a disproportionate amount of Aussie bands showing up, but Scumguts is certainly the best I’ve found out of Australia, and this record seems pretty likely to end up in my top 20 of the year. Scumguts are set apart from the rest by the fact that they have combined the crusty, unrelenting aggression with some genuinely musically good tracks. Picks for me are ‘Blind’, ‘Awakened’, ‘Sixty Trillion Tonnes of Shit’ and ‘Sons of Northern Queensland’ but honestly it’s so, so hard to pick favourites. The record doesn’t have weak moments, it’s an incredible solid album and one that will remain in my regular playlist for a long time. If they ever get to England I'll be there to see them play.

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