Monday, 20 April 2015

Desecrated (SWE) - Oblivion EP

Sweden has produced a massive amount of quality death metal, and here in the form of Norrkoping's Desecrated, they've served up another belter.

Looking through their bio on the bands Facebook page, it's clear to see that this lot have evolved massively from their original days as a heavy metal project by guitarist Erik and their ex-drummer, although the band played under the name Metalonium at that point. Still, to have come from that to producing what they are doing now, it's obvious that they've worked hard to develop what is a truly crushing sound.

From the outset you can tell that there's a lot of Bloodbath in the mix here, but certainly drawing on them rather than ripping them off as so many new death metal bands do. Desecrated certainly fit firmly into the death metal genre but still achieve their own sound, largely achieved by vocalist Micke Karlsson's incredible visceral growls.

The track that first took me to the band was 'Infernal Evisceration' which I actually stumbled upon through Reddit's 'headbang to this' sub. I tend to only check the sub once in a blue moon but this time it really has been worthwhile. From that track I found the band's Youtube channel which has a whole bunch of other songs uploaded, including 'Oblivion', probably my favourite of the bunch, with a more black metally vocal over the top of some seriously crushing music.

Desecrated are definitely one of my favourite finds of the year so far, taking all the best parts of death metal and giving it a fresh kick up the arse to make something absolutely incredible in the form of the 'Oblivion' EP.

You can hear their fantastic music here on Youtube :

Please do give them a go if you're a death metal fan, they are absolutely fantastic. Jag tycker om Desecrated!

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