Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Evilheart - Selective Extermination

I stumbled across these guys completely by chance this morning, but that was a very happy stumble to make. Evilheart have been running since 1999 and have released one demo and two full length albums during that time. Their third, "Quinquaginta" is due for release soon (unfortunately I can't find a release date, but they're putting samplers on Youtube so it must be close, right?) and the band have recently played as support to Hypocrisy and Necropsy on a date in Sonora, Mexico.

With a more death metal sound on Quinquaginta than on their previous "Dark In Glory" album, Evilheart have certainly changed significantly, with everything from production to vocal style having come on in leaps and bounds. That's not to say that Dark In Glory isn't a great album, but Quinquaginta promises to be even better. Their video for 'Selective Extermination' which has been released on Youtube recently shows that, and now has hints of Dying Fetus, Nile etc. without being any sort of a rip off. evilheart certainly have their own sound, and I think it could well propel them to the next level.

Check out the video for 'Selective Extermination' from their forthcoming 'Quinquaginta' album here :

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  1. Hey men, greetings from Sinaloa, Mexico, Shaggy the drummer i a friend of mine, be sure to hear the following album of dark in glory, is called Storm of Annihilation, was released in 2007, mix and mastered in mana studios in florida and the cover album designed by niklas sundin guitarist of Dark Tranquility. In th is album they completely change the sound of the band more death metal with infuences of morbid angel, behemoth, nile, etc. They are about to released their third album called Quinquaginta, tentative in late summer, thanks for the support and Hail!