Monday, 12 May 2014

Seprevation - Consumed - Debut Album 2014

Seprevation's debut album is one that I had been waiting to hear for a long time. Having found their music a little while before seeing them at the Unicorn in Camden with Flayed Disciple and Wretched Soul, they were a band that instantly grabbed my interest, you could tell there was going to be something big from them. They commanded the Unicorn that night with the presence of a far more experienced group, and with their first full length album 'Consumed', the follow up to the crushing 'Ritual Abuse' EP, Seprevation have their chance to step up and attain the status that they richly deserve.

The album starts off actually pretty quietly, with a reasonably long intro to the opening track 'Divine Devastation' which I found quite surprising, I guess that from previous stuff from the band it's been a more visceral, in-at-the-deep-end kind of thing, but having the intro there to bring the album in really works well, sort of as an extra-suspense builder in the long wait it has been for a full album from these Bristolians. At just over one minute in though, they can't hold it back any longer. Like a dam breaking and flood water coming bursting through, the quiet gives way to that brutality that we know Seprevation for. It's a blistering start to the album that does not let up, Lluc's vocals were incredible the first time I saw them, but he's become something of a beast.

As something of a grind fan, I tend to be drawn to shorter songs on albums, they tend to be either slow and filler-y, or a short, sharp blast to the face. 'Ascension of Agony' comes in at one minute and fifty-two seconds of absolute rip-your-face-off blasting death metal. The album as a whole does carry a feel of a Morbid Angel/Deicide style of things, but this is track is something else. Trying to find the words to do it justice is a bit difficult to be honest, perhaps it's something that needs to be heard to really show you what I mean, and by the time you get to 'Sarcophagal Chamber' you know that this album is an incredibly strong debut from Bristol's finest.

Also worth listening out for is the album version of 'Sea Of Thoughts'. This version seems to have divided opinion a little bit, but honestly, maybe it's just the flow of the whole of 'Consumed' as an album together, but I honestly think I prefer this version to the previous version that was on 'Ritual Abuse'. It'll be interesting to see which version comes out when they play live, but either one will suit me fine.

'Consumed' is one album you definitely need to get hold of in 2014, you can find Seprevations merch and get a copy of the album at their Bigcartel page here:

And you can catch them on tour in May with Bonded By Blood and Flayed Disciple!

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