Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Best of Bandcamp

Something a bit different for you all this week, and something that I suspect will become a regular feature. For those who don't know, Bandcamp is a website that allows bands to publish their music online for people to stream or download - sometimes for free, sometimes charging money. I'm a student, and a bit of a tight bastard, so have only streamed these free ones. Anyway, here are my top three artists discovered this week.

Seprevation - Ritual Abuse E.P

From the South West of England, Seprevation seem to be turning heads since their performance at Bloodstock this year, and it's easy to see why their debut E.P entitled 'Ritual Abuse' - it's a killer record. Their brand of thrash is lined with death metal and the combination makes this release a really strong piece of work. Ritual Abuse is full of galloping guitar lines, blistering solos with vocals reminiscent of the likes of Sodom, and is every bit as good. Their intensity and brutality doesn't wane for a single second of the 15 minute record. It may be short, but it's certainly sweet. Keep an eye on these guys, they're going places.

Click here for Seprevation at Bandcamp - Ritual Abuse available for download for £2.50
'Like' Seprevation on Facebook here

Xul - Malignance

 In the far off land of Canada there sleeps an absolute monolith of blackened death metal. A bit of research tells me that this lot have shared the stage with Exhumed, Macabre, Cephalic Carnage and Vreid amongst others. These aren't just some small fry band from the middle of nowhere, they mean business, and honestly, I can see them blowing some of those bands off the stage. The perfect combination of black and death metal, even with a particularly thrashy sounding guitar line in places on 'Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains' really comes together on this album. And perhaps best of all, it's currently available for free. (However, if you can afford to pay money for it, please do, these chaps deserve it).

Click here for Xul at Bandcamp - Malignance available for free download
'Like' Xul on Facebook here

More bloggery coming soon for you fine chaps! Until then, keep supporting underground metal!

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