Monday, 22 October 2012

Snailking - Samsara - Swedish Doom/Sludge

Things have really kicked off over the past few months for Sweden's Snailking. Without doing down the bands own hard work in the process, a post by one of the members on the website Reddit a few months ago was picked up by users of the site and the band gained real interest very quickly. Within a few days of the original post, a follow-up was posted saying that Snailking had been approached by a record label. This week, their album - Samsara - was released by ConSouling Sounds.

With influences from the likes of Ufomammut and Sleep, this album is an absolute stormer. From the first atmospheric notes of the 14 minute opener 'Shelter', to the dying end of 'Samsara', the record has a feel that is rare in debuts. Every part of the album compliments the next, from the spoken opening lines and spacey guitar work through the introduction to the crushing, chugging monolith of the rest of the track. Vocally, the track leaves nothing out, gutteral death growls compliment the clean vocals which in places feel like David Bowie and Maynard James Keenan serenading one another.

This band is very exciting to me personally, and early feedback on the record is overwhelmingly positive.

Samsara is available for download at Snailking's Bandcamp, whilst physical CD copies can be ordered from the ConSouling Sounds page.

More bloggery to come soon, including a feature on five new and rising British metal bands.

Bastard out.

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